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Hitman: Seven Deadly Sins to get the first part next week

Published: 21:41, 24 March 2021
Hitman 3 - Seven Deadly Sins
Hitman 3 - Seven Deadly Sins

IO Interactive announced a seven-part expansion to Hitman 3, which will be based on the seven deadly sins each of which will be purchasable separately.

Hitman 3 will not have a new roadmap as it will be replaced by the Seven Deadly Sins expansion which will be released in seven different episodes. Each of these will set you back $4.99 / £4.99 / €4.99 or you can get them in bulk at the price of $29.99 / £29.99 / €29.99. The latter option is basically equal to getting one of the episodes at no extra charge.

According to the official description, the expansion will be exploring 47's mind so it remains to be seen who the actual antagonist will be here or if the legendary assassin is his own worst enemy.

Each episode will be themed after a different sin and will therefore be visually distinct on each contract. Furthermore, the rewards will be sin-themed, which is the reason why you are seeing 47 in that ridiculous suit in the trailer. The first Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins episode is themed after Greed and it will launch on March 30, 2021.

Players will visit Dubai once more and they will have the opportunity to discover new gameplay mechanics that will apparently tempt their own greed.

Greed's focus will be a new Escalation, named The Greed Enumeration, which will let 47 carry some items over between each of the three stages. Besides the Rapacious Suit, players will be able to get two Greed-themed items, the Greedy Little Coin and The Devil's Cane.

As well as the new Escalation, Act 1: Greed will also include the unlockable Rapacious Suit and two sin-themed items; the Greedy Little Coin and The Devil’s Cane.


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