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Ironically, anti-DRM site redirects to GOG, which now allows online DRM

Published: 00:34, 27 September 2021
Logo for CD Project and GOG's initiative FCK DRM

GOG recently added Hitman to the storefront, which locks a large chunk of the game behind always-online DRM, which resulted in a torrent of problems for the store.

GOG prided itself on selling only games that are DRM-free but the recent addition of Hitman was extremely controversial. The game only allows story and bonus missions to be played offline while everything else requires a connection. 

To give you a better overview, you need to be online if you want:

  • Escalation missions
  • Elusive targets
  • User-created contracts
  • Weapon unlocking
  • Outfit unlocking
  • Equipment unlocking
  • Starting point unlocking

The game itself, just like the content listed above, is completely single-player shouldn't require you to be connected to the internet and this issue has been the main problem that kept lowering the players' general opinion of an otherwise excellent game. Now it's on GOG, a storefront that prides itself on supposedly selling only the games without DRM.

When the users started leaving negative reviews because of the always-online DRM, GOG started calling it review bombing. Considering that a large portion of Hitman is locked behind online DRM and it's being sold on GOG, it's hard to see where the company is coming from with that label as the situation seems very much like a genuine problem where the buyers didn't get what was advertised.

IO interactive hitman 2 screenshot showing sean bean Another ironic twist is that Sean Bean might survive an appearance thanks to DRM

GOG doubled down by stating they will not tolerate the supposed review bombing and some of those reviews will be removed.

All of this takes a highly ironic turn when you realise that a high-profile anti-DRM site from a few years ago now redirects to GOG. The site in question is, which used to point out the negatives of DRM , be it built-in or requiring an online connection.

These days, the site technically no longer exists. If you go to the address mentioned above, it will instead redirect you to GOG store that seems to have moved away from the strictly no-DRM policy and stepped into the grey area where partial DRM is tolerated.

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