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Death Stranding sold through five million units, Kojima Productions confirm

Published: 10:48, 26 July 2021
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Death Stranding

Kojima Productions have finally revealed the sale numbers for their action-adventure Death Stranding. The game sold through five million units on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Kojima Productions seems pretty happy with Death Stranding sales. Speaking to, the head of publishing for the studio Jay Boor revealed, for the first time ever, the game's sales numbers. Boor said he felt that Death Stranding had performed quite well, selling more than five million units globally on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. 

"With Death Stranding being the first title developed out of Kojima Productions, from a sales perspective, it has performed quite well," Boor revealed in the interview. "As of March 2021, Death Stranding has sold through over five million units worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PC."

Kojima Productions Death Stranding logo across an image of a crater Death Stranding

When compared to other Kojima Productions titles, Death Stranding sales look pretty decent. For example, Metal Gear Solid V sold six million units while Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has sold a total of 5.67 million copies.

Death Stranding is also close to Sony's first-party exclusives. Ghost of Tsushima managed to sell 6.5 million copies as of March 2021 while the latest Spider-Man game Miles Morales has four million sales in just over a month.

Some rumours from last year suggested that Sony were not satisfied with the sales performance of Death Stranding

Death Stranding is also getting a Director's Cut release in September, exclusively on PlayStation 5, which could help the game's sale numbers even further. 

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Death Stranding

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