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Ghost of Tsushima trailer teased in State of Play, rest coming soon

Published: 15:03, 10 December 2019
Sucker Punch Productions
Ghost of Tsushima protagonist in a sunset
Ghost of Tsushima, is this not painting-like?

Sucker Punch Production have been really tight-lipped when it comes to Ghost of Tsushima, the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive that seems to be growing more gorgeous with every showing. Granted, there weren't many and it could be psychological but shut up - we love it.

Sony's State of Play gave us a brief look at Ghost of Tsushima's trailer and although it was just a few seconds - each one seemed worthy of hanging it up on the wall. Then again, most of what we've seen from this game was, so it's not actually a huge surprise. 

What is a surprise is that the dev finally decided to share something, and the few seconds are actually a teaser for the full trailer, which will be screened at this year's The Game Awards on 12 December 2019.

According to the latest round of rumours, Ghost of Tsushima's launch was pushed to , as Sucker Punch allegedly couldn't make early 2020 work. 

Ghost of Tsushima's creative director Nate Fox said at the time that they were aiming to capture the fantasy of the lone, wandering samurai, which was the guiding light in development. Apparently, every decision was weighed against the question of whether this will make you feel more samurai-sh.

The game is set in 1274 and the dev went to great lengths to capture the authenticity of the era. "It's been interesting working on this game because in past titles we've been able to make it up, frankly", Fox said at the time. 

Ghost of Tsushima samurai drawing a sword Ghost of Tsushima, Bane? Is that you?

Older rumours fueled by leaks by a suggested Ghost of Tsushima will launch in August 2019, but we all know how true that turned out to be. Never mind though, because the teaser already suggests we're in for a real treat. Until then, here's .

Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai adventure by Sucker Punch Studios

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Ghost of Tsushima

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