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Top ten best looking games on PlayStation 5

Published: 11:10, 11 January 2023
Visually the most impressive PlayStation 5 games
Visually the most impressive PlayStation 5 games

For all the graphics lovers among us, we've compiled a list of the ten visually most attractive games now available on PlayStation 5 consoles.

Graphics are an important aspect of games for many people. Even on the PlayStation 4 console, we saw how beautiful games can be when all of the console's resources are used, which are, to be honest, relatively outdated in the case of the PlayStation 4. Now, in the third year of the PlayStation 5 console's existence, several developers have begun to fully utilise its capabilities. With its amazing visuals, last year's The Callisto Protocol is a real testament.

Many games launched for the PlayStation 4 were updated to the PlayStation 5 version after the PlayStation 5's release. The majority of these improvements were graphical in nature. The updated titles look significantly better, whether they include new modern graphical effects like improved lighting, Ray Tracing, or increased resolution.

In this article, we will discuss several PlayStation 5 games whose virtual worlds are sights to behold, whether they were originally published on the PlayStation 5 or were subsequently improved for this device. So let's get started!

10. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - visually the most impressive Assassin's Creed yet Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - visually the most impressive Assassin's Creed yet

The latest instalment in Ubisoft's mega-popular franchise, Assassin's Creed , delivers us one of the most graphically impressive games we've ever seen. Every scene in the game is breathtaking, whether you play in Norway, England, Vinland, or even the fabled realms of Asgard and Jötunheim. 

Given that Assassin's Creed: Valhalla was released right before the release of the PlayStation 5, Ubisoft upgraded the game for the PlayStation 5 and made it even more graphically spectacular. The game on PlayStation 5 looks ridiculously good thanks to the usage of the newest graphics options, such as Ray Tracing.

9. Ghost of Tsushima

PlayStation Ghost of Tsushima's PlayStation 5 version is really poorly adapted Ghost of Tsushima's PlayStation 5 version is really poorly adapted

Ghost of Tsushima deserves to be at the top of this list since no other game on the market depicts the beauty and atmosphere of the Japanese Samurai era more accurately. Particles in the air, falling leaves and flower petals, and minor details like leaves falling into the river and sinking after a few moments—all of these small touches contributed to Ghost of Tsushima becoming one of the most beautiful games ever developed. 

The only reason Ghost of Tsushima isn't at the top of the list is that Sucker Punch did a poor job of upgrading the game for PlayStation 5. Okay, the game was beautiful on the PlayStation 4, but if you have the opportunity to improve it, why not take it? The PlayStation 5 update for Ghost of Tsushima is not inexpensive, costing $20 at the PS shop, and the game does not even have Ray Tracing. The only improvements are higher resolution and improved lighting, which we already have if we play the game on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

8. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

PlayStation Guardians of the Galaxy is graphicly very impressive title Guardians of the Galaxy is a graphicly very impressive title

Following the failure of  Marvel's Avengers , Square Enix decided to shift direction and make Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy more of a linear game with a major focus on the story. One of the benefits of this approach is a bigger focus on the game's visuals, which, by the way, are really beautiful in this game. 

Each level in the game has something to show, whether it's interiors or exteriors. The design of the creatures, especially the characters, as well as the attention to detail and facial emotions, are rarely seen in other games. Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 version of the game looks noticeably better than the PlayStation 4 version, with the ability to choose between three graphic settings: performance, better visuals, and the Ray Tracing mod.

7. Gran Turismo 7

PlayStation The attention to detail in Gran Turismo 7 is impressive The attention to detail in Gran Turismo 7 is impressive

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most attractive racing simulators on the market due to the attention to detail in the vehicles, circuits, and environment. Every single element of every vehicle is so realistically rendered that, by utilising the game's photo mode, you can easily fool everyone into thinking these photographs are real-life ones. 

The attention to detail in depicting the sky in Gran Turismo 7 is one major aspect that many will overlook for obvious reasons. Obviously, if you drive at night, you can see the stars in the sky. But did you realise that the stars are arranged exactly as they would be in real life? They even switch positions, just as in real life. This level of detail is astounding, and it is part of what makes Gran Turismo 7 so visually appealing.

6. Hitman 3

PlayStation Hitman 3 - visually the most impressive game in the series Hitman 3 - visually the most impressive game in the series

With every new instalment of the latest Hitman trilogy, the game became more and more visually appealing. Of course, Hitman 3 was released in 2021, which means IO Interactive developed the game on the PlayStation 5 using all of Sony 's latest console's features. In addition to all of Hitman 3's qualities, the visuals are something we cannot overlook because this is, in general, one of the most gorgeous games on the market right now. 

Hitman 3 is the ideal game to showcase all of the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 5, with its sandbox system and stunning interiors and exteriors in each level, where the use of modern lighting settings and Ray Tracing technology truly shines. It is reasonable to say that IO Interactive delivered with Hitman 3 since the game's visuals are simply fantastic.

5. God of War and God of War: Ragnarök

PlayStation God of War: Ragnarök is visually practically the same game as God of War 2018 God of War: Ragnarök is visually practically the same game as God of War 2018

As a huge fan of God of War games, even I am quite surprised that they are not ranked first on this list. Well, the answer is simple. If we created this list before God of War: Ragnarök, it would undoubtedly be in the top two, since God of War 2018 was a tremendously gorgeous game, and four years later, with the full throttle of the PlayStation 5 console, we get visually the same game with enhanced Ray Tracing. 

Perhaps we anticipated too much from God of War: Ragnarök in terms of visuals, and perhaps that is the game developers' highest reach, but we can't shake the feeling that the game should be graphically far better and superior to God of War 2018, which is simply not the case. 

Leaving that aside, the latest two God of War games are graphically magnificent, and the splendour of "The Nine Realms" of Norse mythology is unparalleled in any other game.

4. Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Marvel's Spider-Man remastered

Insomniac Games The snowy New York in Spider-Man Miles Morales is a sight to behold The snowy New York in Spider-Man Miles Morales is a sight to behold

The variety of in-game scenery and the beauty of the game environment typically determine the attractiveness of any game. In games like God of War: Ragnarök, we can visit nine realms of Norse mythology, and each of these realms looks and feels different. The beauty and splendour of the Spider-Man games are not found in a multiplicity of locations, but rather in a true portrayal of only one location, New York. 

Even true New Yorkers say that New York in the Spider-Man games looks and feels like a real place. The PlayStation 5 version of these two games offers some graphical improvements, like better textures and different graphical options for better performance or better visuals. 

We also want to highlight the beauty of snowy New York in Spider-Man: Miles Morales . Many would argue that Insomniac just recycled the previous game's map and added snow to it. While this may be true, New York draped in the snow is a sight that can take your breath away.

3. Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves

PlayStation The Legacy of Thieves improved everything upon already beautiful Uncharted games The Legacy of Thieves improved everything upon already beautiful Uncharted games

Many people believe that Uncharted 4: The Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are by far the most beautiful games, despite being from the PlayStation 4 era. Unlike Sucker Punch's poor adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima for the PlayStation 5, Naughty Dog did an excellent job with Legacy of Thieves. 

They improved on everything that was already excellent. Sceneries, character models, and a wide range of destinations, from Italy to Scotland, Madagascar, and India, each have a soul that you may feel when you visit these places, like you are truly there. 

2. The Last of Us Part I and The Last of Us Part II

Push Square The last of Us games are visual masterpieces The last of Us games are visual masterpieces

There are few games on the market that can charm you as much as The Last of Us will. Even the remastered version of The Last of Us we played on PlayStation 4 is a stunning game. When it comes to game visuals, The Last of Us Part II definitely pushed the boundaries. 

So many small details, such as the way water slides off Elie's clothes, blood and brains spray on the walls after killing enemies, the physics of Ellie's backpack, the animations of upgrading weapons, and so on, make this game one of the most beautiful and realistic games ever created. 

Naughty Dog took everything that was visually impressive in The Last of Us Part II and improved it in The Last of Us Part I. The one nagging concern for fans of this series is why Naughty Dog did not offer an upgrade for The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 5. But, to be honest, the game is pretty impressive as it is, and if they want to make an upgrade that does almost nothing, they should skip it entirely.

1. Horizon: Forbidden West

PlayStation Horizon: Forbidden West is the most beautiful PlayStation 5 game Horizon: Forbidden West is the most beautiful PlayStation 5 game

Horizon: Forbidden West  can be criticized for a variety of reasons, but in terms of visuals, it is by far the most impressive game available on PlayStation 5. Where God of War and Santa Monica failed, Horizon: Forbidden West and Guerrilla Games delivered big time. 

Horizon: Forbidden West is everything its predecessor, Horizon: Zero Dawn , was and much, much more, from a visual point of view, of course. It's amazing to view all of the in-game environments, like enormous deserts, snowy mountains, and deep jungles, but there's one thing that never ceases to amaze. 

Every single character in Horizon: Forbidden West is designed uniquely, and believe us when we say there is a profusion of them to encounter throughout the game. They all feel like genuine people, and to be honest, it's almost frightening to realise this is just a game and not some movie or TV show. 

The model of Aloy, the game's main protagonist, is quite unique with so many features on her face, such as lifelike impressions, and the iconic peach fuzz.

That concludes the list of the ten most graphically impressive titles available for the PlayStation 5. Of course, this is our subjective opinion, and you may find some other games even more beautiful. 


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