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Freelance Trials of Osiris seems to be preferred in Destiny 2, once again

Published: 13:41, 25 June 2022
Destiny 2 - New Trials of Osiris loot
Destiny 2 - New Trials of Osiris loot

Trials of Osiris has returned for another round in Destiny 2, proving that more people are willing to play it when it's Freelance, despite the featured weapon not being the most popular one.

Bungie seems to be experimenting with Trials of Osiris, especially in the past few weeks and the goal is likely to determine what will get Destiny 2 players to join the game mode. 

During the last week, we had double progression as the points kept showering even if you lost the game but building reputation with Saint-14 is hardly a good enough compensation for the depressive matches where groups of solo players constantly get destroyed by stacks.

The latest version of Trials is Freelance but it doesn't have the double reputation and the Adept weapon of the week is the Summoner, an auto rifle that is not necessarily highly sought-after as everyone is still yearning for the Fusion Rifle.

Despite lacking gear and progression incentives, the matchmaking doesn't hit any bumps and matches are found extremely quickly which indicates a high number of players queuing up for the mode. The only possible explanation here is that people are rushing in to fight for their loot on somewhat even terms.

Granted, matchmaking can derp out and stack up more good players into one team but it is a much more even affair than knowing you will run into premades while your hunter jumps out of cover for no reason only to eat up a team shot.

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In any case, it's quite obvious Freelance is more desirable than the "normal" Trials nad after this weekend, Bungie is undoubtedly going to receive more requests for making Freelance the default version.

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