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Fallout New Vegas director Josh Sawyer says he could see himself working on Fallout again

Published: 17:57, 17 November 2022
Updated: 18:02, 17 November 2022
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Pentiment Director says he loves the Fallout franchise and the setting of the game
Pentiment Director says he loves the Fallout franchise and the setting of the game

Josh Sawyer revealed in a recent interview that he loves the Fallout franchise and may work on another game in the future if the stars align. 

Obsidian Entertainment's Josh Sawyer did not say "no" when asked if he would consider working on another Fallout game. Quite the contrary, the director of Pentiment , which is a masterpiece and you should play it, says he loves the post-apocalyptic franchise and can see himself working on it again in the future.

"I love Fallout, I love the setting, I could see myself working on it again but you know, we'll see where the future takes me," Sawyer told Kinda Funny Games.

When asked about what his favourite setting for a Fallout game would be, Sawyer said California or the Mid-west would be interesting but explained that the setting has to be something that he and the team are passionate about and has to make sense for the franchise.

"California or the Midwest would be very interesting. Obviously, I have to be passionate about it as a Director but also that the team is really excited about and also that works within the larger idea of the IP," he said.

Sawyer went on to explain that working on someone else's franchise is different since it has to fit in the larger vision of "what is Fallout" and that he doesn't get to decide everything about that. 

Additionally, he mentioned that the ideas of having a Fallout game outside of the US are interesting too, before concluding that there are lots of cool opportunities for the new Fallout game and that [his involvement] depends on the moment and what the team looks like.

Bethesda A man standing behind a wall, looking at the New Vegas skyline Fallout: New Vegas 2 could be Obsidian's next project

Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart said previously that the studio would love to make another Fallout game if the opportunity arises. He said that after the studio releases Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, they will obviously look at what's next for them and Fallout could be on that list.

"Of course, if we ever got the opportunity to make another Fallout game, we'd make it", Urquhart said. "At some point, we'll start looking into what those next games are going to be, and I would be surprised if Fallout is not on that list." 

Several months ago, reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed that certain people at Xbox have started mentioning the words Obsidian Entertainment and New Vegas 2 in the same sentence. 

"This is very early, but people have begun to have talks and say these words in sentences, and those words are ‘Obsidian’ and ‘New Vegas 2’," Grubb revealed. 

Obviously, such a game would be years away but judging by the words of Josh Sawyer and Feargus Urquhart, the interest is clearly there. 

Fingers crossed that Fallout New Vegas by Obsidian becomes a reality one day. We know we would be ecstatic about it. 


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