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Here is the first screenshot of Xbox exclusive Avowed

Published: 14:59, 19 October 2022
First Avowed screenshot that surfaced on Twitter today
First Avowed screenshot that surfaced on Twitter today

A screenshot of a very, very early build of Obsidian's upcoming AAA RPG Avowed has leaked via Twitter. 

Today we have the first screenshot of Xbox exclusive RPG Avowed , which is being developed by The Outer Worlds developer Obsidian Entertainment . The screenshot was leaked on Twitter by user  FenixBR and has been confirmed to be real by trusted Xbox insider Jez Corden.

And while the screenshot is indeed legit, it appears that it's from a very, very old build of the game. Keep in mind that the game could have changed and perhaps doesn't look like this anymore but yeah, that was Avowed at some point during its development. 

The screenshot shows the player casting some sort of blue spells with both of his hands, which confirms that we'll be able to dual-wield magic, just like in Skyrim! You'll also notice a large and lush forest area to explore and some ruins in the distance.

Avowed was announced two years ago at Xbox Showcase, where we got to see an official CGI teaser trailer and got a confirmation that the game is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S. 

We also know that Avowed is a first-person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. It's Obsidian's biggest project yet and could launch in late 2023 but don't take that as gospel as games get delayed all the time. 

All in all, it's nice that we finally got to see at least a glimpse of what Avowed looked like and hopefully, Obsidian will soon share more details, screenshots and of course, gameplay, that we're really desperate to see.


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