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Phil Spencer teases Fable and other upcoming Xbox projects

Published: 09:38, 31 October 2022
Jean Baptiste Cambier
Screenshot from Fable reveal trailer that aired a couple of years ago
Screenshot from Fable reveal trailer that aired a couple of years ago

Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer is excited about the upcoming first-party projects by Xbox, mentioning Fable, which already "looks great".

Phil Spencer revealed a lot of interesting details about Xbox and their upcoming projects in his latest interview with Same Brain. Spencer talked about Xbox's first-party output for 2023 and some projects that might not be coming that soon but are shaping up quite nicely.

He mentioned Fable , as one of the games that he's excited about. Spencer said he got to see the latest updated version of the game and that the build already "looks great". This is certainly an encouraging update on the new Fable game, which was announced by Playground over two years ago.

Since the reveal, we did not get any new screenshots or trailers, which is a bummer to many Fable fans but Playground have decided to show the game only when it's ready to be shown. 

Spencer also mentioned other Xbox studios like Double Fine , who are working on the first games for Xbox since the acquisitions. 

"Some of them, when they joined the team, take Psychonauts 2 from Double Fine, they were obviously in the middle of development when they became a part of Xbox, still I thought it was a fantastic game, but now, we're starting to see what the teams are working on next and their first first-party games and I get really excited about their ambition, to go do cool new things and talk to them."

You can check out the interview below (Fable and upcoming projects part from 35:15):

Spencer added that Xbox's first-party teams already have their hands on new technologies and regularly send feedback to the engineers who are working on new hardware and software solutions for Xbox.

Exciting times for Xbox indeed. It does look like the first-party output will start to become more reguralr and consistent with 2023 with games like Starfield, Redfall, Forza Motorsport and other titles. 


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