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Obsidian would love to make another Fallout game but it's not that simple

Published: 09:51, 17 October 2022
A man standing behind a wall, looking at the New Vegas skyline
Fallout: New Vegas 2 could be Obsidian's next project

Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart says the team would absolutely love to make another Fallout game but they're unsure if such an opportunity arises. 

Obsidian have several projects in the works at the moment including the fantasy RPG Avowed and sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds 2 and only when they are done with those, there's a chance they might look at the Fallout franchise for their next project. 

This is according to Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart, who revealed in a DualShockers interview that Obsidian would love to make another Fallout game without any doubt. "Of course, if we ever got the opportunity to make another Fallout game, we'd make it", Urquhart revealed. 

"At some point, we'll start looking into what those next games are going to be, and I would be surprised if Fallout is not on that list," he added.

If Obsidian were to make a Fallout game, Urquhart says that it would have to follow what Bethesda are doing with the franchise, which is understandable given that the IP is Bethesda's baby. 

"If we were to do Fallout, it has to tie in with what Bethesda is doing with Fallout and a lot of other things," he explained. 

Obsidian Entertainment The Outer Worlds 2 Obsidian have their hands full at the moment with two massive projects in the Outer Worlds and Avowed

Urquhart certainly seems eager to get on Fallout soon but whether Bethesda are ready to jump on that train it remains to be seen. 

Also, Microsoft would certainly love to have a Fallout game in the next five to six years rather than wait for Bethesda to release Starfield , then work on The Elder Scrolls VI and only then start developing a new Fallout. In that case, such a game would probably release sometime in the 2030s. 


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