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Fallout New Vegas is free on Epic Games Store

Published: 01:00, 26 May 2023
Obsidian Entertainment
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition is the ultimate fun
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition is the ultimate fun

You can now claim the best 3D Fallout game on the Epic Games Store.

Fallout New Vegas is one of the most beloved games in the entire franchise and it can now be yours for precisely zero money.

Epic Games Store is featuring Obsidian 's tragic masterpiece as the weekly freebie until June 1, 2023, so you have a week to collect the game.

This is the Ultimate Edition version meaning it comes with all the DLC that was ever released for the title.

The DLC includes:

  • Item DLC
    • Caravan Pack
    • Classic Pack
    • Mercenary Pack
    • Tribal Pack
    • Gun Runners' Arsenal
  • Story add-ons (Expansions)
    • Dead Money
    • Honest Hearts
    • Old World Blues
    • The Lonesome Road

Considering that FO:NV was released in 2010, there should be no worries about your PC's ability to run the game, especially because it wasn't demanding even back in the day.

That said, it suffers from various stability issues that cause crashes but just like everything else with Bethesda titles, it can be fixed or at least mitigated with mods.

We would still suggest going through your first run in a vanilla setting and only starting to mod afterwards. That said, we would also recommend getting the game's 4 GB patch as soon as possible, which should reduce the number of crashes significantly.


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