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The Outer Worlds Spacer's Choice Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Published: 09:03, 04 October 2022
outer worlds peril on gorgon key art
It seems that Obsidian's RPG The Outer Worlds is getting another release

It looks like Obsidian's RPG The Outer Worlds is getting a re-release with a Spacer's Choice Edition, which has been rated online for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

The Outer Worlds Spacer's Choice Edition has been officially rated by the Taiwanese rating board but the rating has been quickly removed from the website. 

Spacer's Choice Edition seems to be a next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X|S and PC given that the listing only included these three platforms. Obsidian's sci-fi RPG is also available on Switch and last-gen consoles but there was no mention of these platforms in the listing. 

The Outer Worlds already got a 60 FPS patch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but not on Microsoft's more affordable console Series S. 

It's unclear what exactly this new edition will include but if we had to guess, we would say it's a bundle of all expansions and DLC that released so far with some additional performance improvements and perhaps a 60 FPS patch on Series S.

Given that the rating for SPacer's Choice Edition surfaced online, we assume it's only a matter of time before Obsidian and Xbox officially announce the news. 

Obsidian Entertainment The Outer Worlds 2 The Outer Worlds 2 is currently in development at Obsidian and will be an Xbox exclusive

Obsidian Entertainment are currently busy with several new projects. The studio just recently released Grounded after years of early access and later this year, we're also getting a murder-mystery adventure Pentiment.

Obsidian also have two AAA titles in development at the moment. One of them is Avowed , a fantasy RPG while the other one is a sequel to The Outer Worlds, coming in the near future. 


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