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Evil West developer says Series S is not holding them back: "It's an excellent market product"

Published: 13:42, 17 November 2022
evil west screenshot and series s
Flying Wild Hog Lead Producer Tomek Gop say devs are not forced to make the games look the same on Series X and S

Flying Wild Hog developer reveals that the devs are not forced to make the game look the same on Xbox Series S and X.

In a recent interview with the German website , Flying Wild Hog Lead Producer Tomek Gop talked about the optimisation and performance of Evil West on Xbox Series X|S consoles. 

Evil West dev received some criticism lately given that the game runs on the same resolution and frame rate on both last-gen Xbox One and current-gen Xbox Series S. Gop explained that the team did everything they could to make the game run 60 FPS on Series S but ultimately decided to lock it to stable 30 FPS rather than have a choppy 60 FPS mode.

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When asked if Series S will hold back this generation, Gop was pretty adamant that the console is a great market product and doesn't limit developers in any way. 

"No, why should she? [Hold back development]. We're not forced to make the Series X look the same as the Series S, so we're not limited as developers," he said (machine translation). 

"At the same time, the Series S is an excellent market product – I know a lot of people who use it as an all-in-one box for family entertainment."

While Microsoft's decision to launch such a console did raise some eyebrows and still does to this day, Series S is unarguably quite popular due to its $299 price point, which could go even lower for the Holidays. 

The notion that the console is not powerful enough to keep up with Series X and PlayStation 5 has certainly been disproved several times given that many games offer 120 FPS and 60 FPS modes on Series S too. 

Yes, the console might not reach 4K resolution but it's not designed to, as Microsoft clearly marketed Series S as a 1440p machine. 

AltChar PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both marketed as 4K consoles while Series S is trying to push 1440p resolution most of the time

All in all, it's always great when the actual game developers speak up and offer insight into the development of games as well as the hardware that they use. It surely helps shut down the console-warring nonsense that is so frequent over social media and gaming forums these days.


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