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Evil West gets new trailer and release date

Published: 11:52, 08 June 2022
Flying Wild Hog
Evil West
Evil West

Flying Wild Hog is ramping up the marketing in the last stretch before the release of Evil West as the new trailer featured the big date and new gameplay.

Evil West is coming on September 20, 2022. If for some reason you are not in the know, Evil West is another game action game in the spirit of Flying Wild Hog's releases but it takes place in a universe not seen before. 

We will assume the role of an agent of the Institute that fights against the dark threats in the Old West, most notably vampires, and proceed to kill a bunch of enemies in all sorts of colourful manner.

The carnage can be committed with an accomplice as the game will feature an online co-op, which is one of the things Evil West retains in the way of Flying Wild Hog DNA.

Unlike Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior, Evil West is a third-person game as we will get to shoot and beat up vampires with our character on full display. Even though the Old West setting might imply it's mostly a shooter, the release date trailer clearly shows a high frequency of melee combat. Our guess is the actual occurrence of melee brawls will depend on the way we spec our character.

Considering the weak reception of Shadow Warrior 3, it's possibly longtime fans will be sceptical about a new Flying Wild hog title but the last three months before the release date are highly likely to educate people on whether they want to make the purchase.

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