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Elden Ring datamine reveals potential DLC content

Published: 09:59, 02 November 2022
Bandai Namco
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Elden Ring DLC could apparently feature a new legacy dungeon, bosses and much more

Elden Ring data miner has discovered interesting clues in the game's files, which may suggest that a DLC is on the way. 

Elden Ring data miner Sekiro Dubi has made some very interesting discoveries in the game's files lately that may suggest a DLC for this popular From Software action RPG is on the way. 

The data mine reveals new hair, six new weapon categories, new legacy dungeon-related map files and new Colleseum map files among other things that could end up in a future DLC of this Bandai Namco published title.

Sekiro Dubi also discovered 16 new NPC entries in the files called "Someone Yet Unseen" along with their locations on the map. 

From Software are yet to officially announce any DLC for Elden Ring but given the success of the game, we doubt the studio will leave it as it is. From Software even announced plans to expand Elden Ring into different mediums so if we're getting an anime or a comic book, it would certainly be very unexpected to not have at least one DLC for the game. 

We also know that there are hidden, unused locations on the map, which might be unlocked for the DLC. It remains to be seen if From Software announce the expansion in the near future but we would bet that a big surprise is scheduled for The Game Awards show. 

Reddit Elden Ring fans think the central locations on the map could be unlocked for a DLC Elden Ring fans think the central locations on the map could be unlocked for a DLC

Elden Ring was released back in February 2022 and it's currently one of the highest-rated games of the year and a favourite for the Game of The Year award. 

It's praised for its incredible open-world, art style and gameplay but criticised for poor performance on PC, which is a tradition for From Software games.


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