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Shadow Warrior 3 has a shuriken eye that behaves like Yondu's arrow

Published: 10:34, 10 May 2021
Flying Wild Hog
Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior series takes almost nothing seriously and the latest trailer reinforced that stance as it presented one of the weirdest but on-brand weapons for Shadow Warrior 3.

Reading the headline above would probably make you think the author is high at first glance but that is not the case. The trailer below, made by Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital will testify.

In case you are not familiar with Yondu's arrow from the MCU, it's a weapon made of metal that is sound sensitive and can be manipulated to fly super fast, killing everyone .

The newly presented gore weapon, Seeking Eye, can be "looted" by killing Seeking Shokera, at least in the trailer. The eye then sprouts several bladed spikes around it and starts flying around in the same manner that the aforementioned arrow did in its own universe.

As you can see in the trailer, the eye repeatedly flies through enemies, causing damage and often immobilising them by hovering the creatures mid-air while Lo Wang shoots or slices them up.

All of this is happening during That Damn Dam level, which we've seen previously and where all the demons look extremely weird. On that note, they don't really look alike so it remains to be seen if the protagonist will be able to discern them this time around.

While the idea of a flying killer eye is crazy enough to give us a dose of Wang suitable for the trailer, there is more crazy carnage going on, such as bonking enemies with a hammer and causing environmental kills with a giant wheel.

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