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Escape from Tarkov: Wipe has finally happened

Published: 07:06, 29 June 2022
Battlestate Games
New wipe cycle has begun
New wipe cycle has begun

After months of speculations, the wipe is here, and the new chapter in Escape from Tarkov starts today.

Escape from Tarkov players can now put away their tin foil hats and stop talking about the possible date of the wipe, and enjoy leveling up their PMC character once again.

Battlestate Games started installing an update at 09:00 this morning BST time. The update should last for about five hours, after which the game will be playable again but with reset progress as expected.

If this is your first wipe, and are wondering where is all your gear and why your account seems like it was reset, it has, and that's ok, as Tarkov resets all in-game progress every 6 months.

With this wipe comes a 12.12.30 patch which includes Lighthouse expansion, FSR (AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution), new Rogue bosses, new base clothing for both fractions, new guns, flares with different functionality, Daily's from Fence, special slots for Compasses, Range finders... and possibly an offline co-op.

Don't expect to play an enormous number of hours within the first few days of the wipe, as servers tend to get overloaded and waiting times are quite long on some maps. 

Last wipe we had a total breakdown which resulted in the brief implementation of the player queue system. It will be interesting to see whether Battlestate Games is prepared for the new influx of players over the next couple of weeks.

For beginners, we prepared a couple of tips, tricks, hints, and tutorials that will help you make the most out of the early wipe and Escape from Tarkov in general.

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