How to level up fast after wipe in Escape from Tarkov?

Published: 19:04, 07 December 2021

The first days of the Tarkov wipe are arguably the most important in the wipe cycle.  Your approach in the following weeks will shape the rest of your wipe cycle.

This is the moment to put time and effort in and make the rest of the wipe a lot easier. All players start on equal grounds, which makes progressing faster & easier. So here are the guidelines on what to focus on, and how to make the most out of early wipe days. 

  Quests, quests, quests

Early wipe is all about quests. Avoid unnecessary PVP fights and concentrate solely on quests. First, they will be VASTLY easier to finish in early wipe days. Yes, you will have a lot of players going for the same quests. Yes, you will have campers waiting on quest locations. However, even then, you will at least be fighting a player with similar equipment. Fast forward a month, and you will be visiting quest locations and going up against fully geared Chads who are there for the high-tier loot. 

Remember, most quest locations are either in player-populated areas or near high-tier loot. Some of the locations are repeated for different quests, such as Customs dorms, so level 35 might be visiting the same location as you, and you will not stand a chance against him with un-modded guns. Second of all, they will give you a trader rep, which will be vital in the future to buy better and cheaper equipment. Third, quests give a decent amount of XP, and you need every bit of XP at least until you reach Flee market level.

Most the early quests are on Customs so familiarize yourself with the map Most the early quests are on Customs so familiarize yourself with the map

That being said, it will not be a walk in the park. You will die, probably a lot, depending on your skill level and knowledge of the map. But don't let that discourage you. Keep going until you finish the quest you want. Try different tactics, try waiting for 10-15 minutes in the bush for the map to clear a bit. Try night raids, they are usually less populated and you can finish quests more easily, especially if you manage to get your hands on some night-vision gear.

Don't mind your survival rate and K/D ratio in the beginning. They don't matter at this moment.  

What matters is you getting the upper hand on the players who will be leveling up slower.  Every kill PMC quest you have is a joke in the early days compared to mid-wipe days when you have to go up against an equipped army of USECs and BEARs.

There will be a lot of collecting quests early on, where you are asked to turn in items found in the raid. If you are unfamiliar with which items are going to be needed for quests,  you can find more info at the Tarkov wiki . Save those items in your stash when you find them in the raid, and wait for the quest that they are needed for. 

I would suggest investing early in Scav junk container, as it will be quite useful both space and quest wise. I would also suggest keeping some high-tier loot in there until you reach Flee market.

  Level up all the traders

Not all traders buy stuff at the same price. Mechanic pays most for anything gun-related, Therapist for anything medical-related, and Jaeger for miscellaneous stuff. Keep that in mind but avoid selling every looted item to the trader that will offer you the most for it as you will need to spend money for every trader in order for them to level up.

Peacekeeper is the first trader you can unlock, so I would definitely recommend spending money on him and Skier, as they have very good early-wipe equipment.  Even after you unlock flee market, keep selling some loot to the traders until you reach the maximum level. Flee market is a tool to get filthy rich, but leveling up traders will save you money in the long run.

I would avoid selling anything to Fence unless no other trader wants to buy it. His offers are the lowest plus he has no early quests for you. It's like flushing money down the drain.

Trader rep matters Trader rep matters

  Scav runs

Avoid spending too much time in early wipe days on Scav runs. Use them only to gear yourself if you're low on gear, but avoid grinding and looting to sell in the beginning. 

This is the time to build up your PMC as much as you can.  

Yes, you can do some collection quests while you're a Scav but you're not getting that loot XP as you would with PMC, and every XP counts in the very beginning. However, if you are losing gear faster than you progress, I would suggest either doing Reserve or Factory Scav runs. 

  • Reserve is a scav paradise, and there is no backpack big enough to fit all the loot you can get in there. But keep in mind, until you unlock Flee market, all that loot is going to be sold under price, so even with great scav runs, you will only earn a fraction of what you can earn after you unlock Flee market.
  • Factory used to be PVP paradise, either entering as PMC or as a SCAV, but after the introduction of Scav Karma, it became a good Scav grinding map where you can enter the raid and exit with great loot within 5 minutes. Usually, you will spawn around the 11, 12-minute mark, and you only need to get 300xp to get the Survived status, which is needed for quest items to be eligible for turning in.

Most of the time, you just need to wait for the clock to drop under 10 minutes for the automatic Survived status, so bear that in mind. I would avoid going into the Office unless the map is really quiet because most of the PMC action will be there or in front of Gate 3. But if you stay up long and the map looks dead, by all means, go and loot the remains of the killed PMC's.

  What to do until the wipe

That is the gist of it.  There are still 5 days left until the wipe. If you are a new player, I suggest exploring the maps and quest locations. You can do it online or offline, as it doesn't matter now if you lose all your gear to buffed-up Chads. If you are an old player, make sure to burn all that equipment before the end of the raid. Use your favorite equipment and go gun blasting looking for bosses and other PMC's. 

Pre-wipe is possibly the least stressful and most fun time of the wipe.

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