Escape from Tarkov: 5 reasons why you should be doing daily quests

Published: 22:00, 02 February 2022
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Daily quests are worth your attention

Daily and weekly quests were introduced to Escape from Tarkov in late October. At first glance they can seem uninteresting and not rewarding, so here are the top reasons why they are worth your attention

How often have you logged into Escape from Tarkov, went straight into the raid without checking the green notifications on Traders, only to find out that you could have fulfilled the quest during the raid but have not accepted it on time so you got no reward? 

Time to put a stop to that.

Make it a habit to always check and accept all your daily and weekly quests no matter how difficult or unachievable they seem at the moment. 

You can get a quest to find some items that you haven't seen since the beginning of the raid, so you skip the quest thinking it is pointless. But just as it happens, maybe the drop rates for that specific item have been increased that week so you find it more easily.

The same goes for killing Scavs or PMC's. You might not think the quota given is realistic based on your previous experience, but in the next couple of raids, you get some easy kills, just the ones that were needed for the quest.

Bottom line is that accepting daily quests takes a minute, and there is no failure for not fulfilling them, so there is no good reason not to accept and try to complete them. 

And if you are still undecided, here are the top 5 reasons why should be doing them.

  They can be done sporadically

Unlike some specific Trader quests, daily and weekly quests are either collector or shooter quests, meaning that you can play a raid regularly and complete those quests sporadically while playing.

If you don't like to change your playing style for quests, you don't have to. Continue playing as is and even then you will complete some percentage of daily quests by default. 

If you play like a rat, you're bound to cross paths with other Scavs and players and if you're the one standing after the shootout, you get a double reward. As for the collecting quests, they should come naturally to you, just remember what is asked to collect and you're set.

If you play like a chadthen killing quota quests are your gift from Nikita. They are never-ending Shooter born in heaven quests that are different each time. And some of those killed players will have good loot, so just keep track of what is asked for collection quests as well.

Escape from Tarkov forum Penalty for failure Daily & weekly quest don't have a penalty for failure

  They have a good balance of difficulty/reward

Regular quests can be difficult especially in an early wipe as most of them are happening near high-risk areas. Even when they are not, you can always run into a different player doing the same quest.

Daily and weekly quests are different for players, meaning you will not have chokehold points or most of the community doing the same quests. You will have a certain quest one week, and other players will have the same quest but on another week. It's a win-win situation.

As for the quest rewards, money-wise they can be sometimes underwhelming, but they usually give good XP as compensation.

  You can level up fast

Daily quest can be a good way to earn easy XP as a low-level player. If you concentrate on Scav killing and collector quests, you can progress fast without going through the risks of regular tasks which we mentioned in the previous point.

Most quests will give you a 1000 XP or more, which is not a negligible amount for a low-level. 

We suggest that you invest in a Scav junk container and keep most of the barter items you find, as they may become a quest item in the future. 

Remember, items required for quests need to be found in a raid but don't have to be found after the quest has been accepted - so hoarding items is your friend, especially in the beginning.

  You can level up traders that are unlocked later

Some Traders like Peacekeeper are only unlocked after you complete some other quests for different Traders. Sometimes you get stuck on a certain quest and continue leveling up without unlocking further quests for some Traders.

Daily and weekly quests are great because you can level up those Traders regardless. Finish a couple of daily quests for a Trader and your rep will increase as if you did a regular task.

Since daily and weekly quests are mostly generic and not Trader specific, they can be a good replacement for regular quests if you find some quest types for certain Traders difficult or annoying. 

A good example is Jaeger's food-related quests that a part of the Tarkov community hates. Now you can avoid those quests without taking a hit at Trader's reputation.

  They are a refreshment for experienced players

If you are a player who played Escape from Tarkov for a couple of wipes, you are probably tired of doing the same quests over and over again. It can feel like grinding, especially at the beginning of a wipe.

That is why most of the experienced community welcomed daily and weekly quests with open arms - no more collecting bronze watches or going into the Custom's dorm every other raid to drop something. 

You can now have fun with different quests every day and week. 

We hope we answered some of your doubts on whether daily and weekly quests are worth it. If you have any ideas on what could make a good quest for Escape from Tarkov, there is a separate channel on the official Escape from Tarkov Discord server dedicated to quest suggestions.

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