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Escape from Tarkov experiences more cheaters than ever

Published: 15:42, 04 August 2022
Updated: 20:11, 04 August 2022
Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov: Possibly worst state of the game ever
Escape from Tarkov: Possibly worst state of the game ever

This wipe's lowest point is an insane number of cheaters, as the game is possibly at the worst state than ever, at least cheater-wise.

The last wipe's beginning was probably the lowest point in recent Escape from Tarkov history, as the Queue times were introduced during the Twitch drops and the game had over 100 000 players waiting in a queue during the Christmas holidays waiting to play.

A few days into the second month of the ongoing wipe, we are hitting probably the new low point, as the game is almost unplayable because of the cheaters, and it's not a stretch to say this is the worst state the game has been in a long time. 

The cheaters are nothing new in Escape from Tarkov, or in any other online game for that matter, and are frustrating players all time. In EFT the cheaters' presence is most noticeable on high-tier loot maps like The Lab and the Lighthouse.

Reddit user u/xbananaramax Flying cheater recorded in Escape from Tarkov Flying cheater recorded in Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games has been dealing with this problem with various solutions in the past. Nikita, the C.E.O. of the Battlestate Games, addressed this issue many times, saying that it is a non-stop effort from the developers to stop cheaters. He also mentioned that the cheaters are constantly evolving and finding new ways of cheating and that even though they ban hundreds of people weekly, the problem persists and is not trivial to solve.

But the patch 12.12.30 seem to have had changes that allowed cheaters to prosper more than ever, as there is a huge influx of complaints both on Reddit and Discord from players reporting deaths from cheaters, and some of them have hard evidence for it.

There are numerous videos posted on Youtube and Twitch daily that showcase number of different cheater clips. The current most dominant cheat is the flying cheat, which allows players to roam the sky and shoot others from the absolute perspective, and with the combination of God-mode enabled, they are both unstoppable and as deadly as ever.

Nikita announced via Twitter that there will be a Q&A session soon, and it is safe to say that most of the questions will be oriented toward cheaters. 

Along with the RMT, desync issues, and still not optimized Lighthouse map, it will be a busy end of the year at the Battlestate Games, as they prepare for the release of their most ambitious map Streets of Tarkov, while still having to deal with the mentioned existing issues.


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