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Escape from Tarkov: Summer sale announced

Published: 16:28, 01 August 2022
Updated: 16:35, 01 August 2022
Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov will be at a 15-20% discount
Escape from Tarkov will be at a 15-20% discount

If you were planning on getting into Escape from Tarkov or upgrading your current game edition, now is the perfect time as the game will be on a discount soon.

At the start of the second month of the current wipe, Battlestate Games will treat players with a Summer sale for pre-orders and package upgrades.

Escape from Tarkov is rarely on a discount, and as it's not available on any other platform (Steam, Epic, GOG) except Battlestate Launcher, you will never see it in bundles or third-party website sales.

Battlestate Games Early wipe is the best time to start playing EFT Early wipe is the best time to start playing EFT

That makes this sale a good opportunity for new players to purchase the game, and considering we are still in an early wipe,  it is not a bad time to start playing Tarkov.

The prices are the following:

  • Standard Edition - 15% discount (34.99€  => 29.79€)
  • Left Behind Edition - 15% discount (57.99€  => 49.29 €)
  • Prepare for Escape Edition - 15% discount (79.99€  => 67.99€) 
  • Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - 20% discount (109.99€  => 87.99€)

Players who already own one of the editions will get a 15% discount for upgrading their package as well. If you're wondering whether you should upgrade to a different edition, be sure to check our opinion on the subject below.

However, players should note that a permanent discount for the purchase of several pre-orders as a gift will not be summed with the holiday discounts.

The summer sale will start on August 3 at 21:01 GMT and will last for 3 days, until August 6, at 20:59 GMT. 

The game can be purchased via the official Escape from Tarkov store.


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