Escape from Tarkov. How to fix group queue issue

Published: 20:57, 30 June 2022
Updated: 20:58, 30 June 2022
How to fix waiting times for groups
How to fix waiting times for groups

Many players are reporting troubles getting into the raid with their friends. Here is a possible solution.

While solo raids are not working perfectly at the moment, they are doable after a certain amount of time. Group raids, however, are still troubling, as players get stuck in a queue for 30+ minutes waiting unsuccessfully to enter the raid with their friends.

The solution that worked for many players is to set the Server selection to auto, instead of choosing 1 or 2 with the lowest ping. This has to be done by every group member. 

Server selection is set in the Escape from Tarkov launcher, under the Change server option. Deselect all servers and check the Use automatic server selection box. 

EscapeFromTarkov forum Configure servers in the launcher Configure servers in the launcher

This way you are allowing the Battlestate Games algorithm to choose less crowded servers for your raid, so that should decrease the waiting time significantly. 

The downside of course is, that you may be placed on a server with a huge ping to your location. (and you won't know which server did the game choose and how big is the ping).

As for other issues, car extracts are still not working across maps, and players have started reporting issues with exiting the raid, as they get stuck for minutes during the message: "Leaving game.”

There is no solution currently to this problem as the problem either resolves itself, or the players forcibly exit the game after some time.

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