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Escape from Tarkov is at its worst state since it entered the Beta phase

Published: 10:02, 03 January 2022
Updated: 10:35, 03 January 2022
Current state of EFT is in shambles

Imagine buying a 100$ EOD edition of Tarkov, getting excited to play the game over holidays as you finally got some spare time, only to be met with an hour-long queue to enter the game, which crashes as soon as you move two things in inventory? That is the game's current state.

To put things into perspective, yesterday we wrote an article on how queue times are killing Tarkov's momentum , and the queue at the time of writing was 86k long. That bumped to 130k later in the evening, and over 140k on USA servers.

On top of that, back-end issues are kicking people out of the game left and right, and those who are lucky to stay in the game, do not leave it even when they don't play

And who would in their spot?

Pestily, who is regarded as a number 1 Tarkov content creator, criticized the current state of the game with the following tweet:

The action of Pestily publicly criticizing Battlestate Games is a lot considering he is regularly in touch with Battlestate Games so his opinion has a certain value

Some people have found comfort in the fact that all the players are in the same boat: Twitch streamers, EOD edition owners, and regular players - at least we know it is not a prioritizing issue.

LVNDMARK, another popular EFT streamer, posted a joke that sums up the current Tarkov experience:

Battlestate Games continues to repost the same tweets about working over holidays to resolve the issues, as they apologize to the community. 

On the podcast yesterday, Nikita mentioned that they are also targeted by DDOS attacks. We do not possess enough information to comment on that, but if that is really the case, then that's really bad timing.

This morning they uploaded a new fix for the game and informed players to download the update via the launcher, which got a kind of hilarious response from players who don't want to leave the game now that they're in, saying it's bait to throw them back in the queue.

It will be interesting to see if the server issues will be resolved as the Twitch drops event stops, as Battlestate Games continues to insist that the two are unrelated.

If the Battlestate Games are right, that could mean that this current chaos will extend a lot longer than people expect. It is one thing if the servers can't handle the load, it is a totally different thing if servers should be able to take the load but can't because of unoptimized code.

One thing is for sure: Escape from Tarkov is going through its worst phase since its release. 

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