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eFootball 2022 is still the worst rated game on Steam

Published: 12:33, 01 October 2021
Updated: 12:34, 01 October 2021
eFootball 2022
eFootball 2022

Konami is probably having the worst launch of a game to date with eFootball 2022 as it's convincingly at the top of the Hall of Shame of Steam games.

User reviews can be volatile when players get aggravated by the actions of developers or publishers which can result in a torrent of negative reviews even if the game itself does not warrant them. This is absolutely not the case with eFootball 2022 so far and it's no surprise that the game is by far the worst-rated one on Steam.

Steam250 keeps track of the worst-rated games on the platform, with the worst one being on the top. When fans felt betrayed by Konami for stepping into free to play territory and reworking parts of PES that were actually doing well, one could maybe expect the game to pop up among the 250 worst-rated titles on Valve's storefront. No one really saw it becoming the king of the shameful hill though, at least not until the release happened.

Players immediately started witnessing horrendously unfinished and unpolished content, like the masterpiece from the image above that we pulled from Reddit , which led to Overwhelmingly Negative user reviews on launch day . With just eight per cent positive reviews, eFootball 2022 jumped straight to the top of Hall of Shame, with second place being reserved for Flatout 3: Chaos and Destruction at 15 per cent positive reviews.

Along with Gasp, eFootball 2022 is also the only free to play game in the top 10 of the worst-rated games on the list. 

It's also worth noting that eFootball 2022 had over 10,000 user reviews in total at the time of writing so it's not just a fluke produced by a small part of the community. In fact, the game has more reviews than top 13 worst-rated games. NBA 2K18 is #14 with almost 19,000 reviews, 34 per cent of which are positive ones.

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