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eFootball 2023 launches Season 3: Back to the Clubs

Published: 07:06, 14 January 2023
eFootball 2023 - Season 3: Back to the Clubs
eFootball 2023 - Season 3: Back to the Clubs

Despite what the subtitle of the new eFootball 2023 season hints, we are not actually getting properly featured clubs.

Konami launched Season 3 of eFootball 2023 , titled Back to the Clubs, which would immediately hint to club leagues being once again in the series.

However, hopeful fans will be disappointed to find out this is not the case and the name merely references the players that were active in their teams for the first half of the season in real life.

These players will be appearing one after another in Dream Team so you are welcome to add them.

Additionally, several esports tournaments have been scheduled. For example, eFootball Championship Open 2023 will start on January 30, 2023, where anyone who created a Dream Team can participate.

The tournament's finals will be held offline for the first time in three years and will be streamed all over the world. Consoles and mobile will both have their finals.

As for the pro esports players signed by teams, they will have eFootball Championship Pro 2023 which will be completely offline. The matches will be streamed on the official YouTube channel .

There are no dates for the Pro championship yet but they are coming soon.


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