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EA are working on improving Frostbite engine for future Battlefield games

Published: 08:33, 18 October 2022
Battlefield 2042 screenshot
The Frostbite engine is getting some much needed upgrades according to the Battlefield game director

EA's in-house engine Frostbite is getting some much-needed upgrades according to Battlefield Game Director Marcus Lehto.

The next Battlefield game will not switch engines as EA plan to stick to their in-house engine named Frostbite. When asked whether the next Battlefield game is using the same engine or perhaps switching to Unreal Engine 5 , Battlefield Game Director Marcus Lehto responded that DICE are working on improvements for the current engine. 

"Frostbite is getting some much-needed upgrades," he responded on Twitter.

Battlefield 2042 's launch certainly didn't go as planned for EA but we can all agree that the game looked great and the new weather systems are certainly impressive. Though, we're almost certain that Frostbite was also one of the reasons for some of the launch issues that Battlefield 2042 had.

We've known for a while that some EA devs have been struggling with the Frostbite engine with Bioware and Anthem being the most notable example. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order developer Respawn Entertainment also ditched Frostbite for Unreal Engine 4, which tells us that Frostbite probably isn't the best choice for every possible game that EA want to make. 

AltChar Battlefield 2042 - Dynamic weather events look stunning Battlefield 2042 - Dynamic weather events look stunning

Yes, it seems that the engine is well-suited for shooter games like Battlefield given that it was created by DICE but games like Dragon Age , Anthem and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are probably better off with Unreal Engine.

All in all, it's certainly great that EA DICE are making Frostbite better and we cannot wait to see all the new features once the new Battlefield game gets announced.


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