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Modern Warfare 2: PlayStation players are getting Exclusive Content

Published: 07:10, 18 October 2022
PS players will receive exclusive MW2 in-game content
PS players will receive exclusive MW2 in-game content

PlayStation players will receive benefits and exclusive in-game content. This goes only for PS players, PC and Xbox players do not have this opportunity!

Despite Microsoft being in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard , PlayStation’s marketing partnership with Call of Duty still stands. In the past, PlayStation players got access to exclusive modes, PS Plus Combat Packs, more loadout slots, and extra party XP.

It appears PlayStation-exclusive Modern Warfare 2 benefits will only last for a year. Activision confirmed that “PlayStation players receive select bonus content not available on other platforms until 23:59 PST on Oct 27, 2023.”

What exactly will change after October 27 2023 remains to be seen — the Oni Operator could arrive in the store for PC  or Xbox  players. There might even be more announced benefits such as the bonus Gunsmith slots and Party XP that PlayStation players previously received.

While far from a game-changing benefit, PlayStation players have a little bit more incentive to pre-order the Vault Edition as they’ll get five more Battle Pass Tier Skips than Xbox and PC players.

The Vault Edition gives players the Season 1 Battle Pass and a whopping 50 Tier Skips, but it was revealed along with the Campaign Early Access rewards that “Vault Edition owners on PlayStation platforms will receive an additional 5 Tier Skips on top of the 50 awarded with this special edition.”

Activision Modern Warfare 2 exclusive content Modern Warfare 2 exclusive content

PlayStation players already had early access to the beta, but while Modern Warfare 2‘s full lineup of PlayStation-exclusive benefits likely hasn’t been revealed yet, there are already a few incentives to pre-order the game.

You don’t have to purchase the Vault Edition to receive an exclusive PlayStation benefit in Modern Warfare 2, as PlayStation Store pre-orders will get the Hiro ‘Oni’ Watanabe Operator and weapon Blueprint.  


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