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Battlefield 2042 is adding a new Specialist in Season 2

Published: 10:34, 25 August 2022
Charlie Crawford in Battlefield 2042
Charlie Crawford is Battlefield 2042's new Operator for the upcoming Season 2

Former M16 agent Charlie Crawford is the next Battlefield 2042 Specialist, joining the crew in Season 2 update. 

Despite DICE's efforts to make Battlefield 2042 the best possible game since its shaky launch, it seems like this EA shooter still has a long way to go to attract a large number of players.

Luckily, Season 2 is on the way with fresh content including a new map, game modes and a brand new Specialist called Charlie Crawford. 

Crawford is a former M16 agent, described as "a natural at enemy infiltration and deep cover ops". Read on for a brief summary of Crowford's career.

"In 2035, he infiltrated the Dark Market and manipulated an op to his benefit. He tossed MI6 a few low-level affiliates while protecting the true target – the Dark Market Council. As a show of appreciation, the Council offered him the chance to join their organization. He became one of their premier arms dealers and created the “Dark Market Vault,” a business specializing in the sale of vintage weapons from bygone wars and conflicts as far back as WW2. 

His double life eventually caught up with him. In June 2041, he was baited into a trap by MI6 and arrested. While en route to holding, his prison convoy was attacked by the Dark Market. They took him underground and he went dark for the next eighteen months – until Black Ridge."

EA Can't wait to see DICE ruin this bad guy with cringe voice lines. Can't wait to see DICE ruin this bad guy with cringe voice lines.

The new Specialist Crawford will of course introduce his own new unique abilities, gadget and hardware but the details on these are yet to be shared. Hopefully, EA will reveal more info in the coming weeks.

Additionally, you can find some additional lore details about the new Specialist on the Battlefield blog.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 is bringing two all-new primary weapons, and one new sidearm at the start of the season, alongside the first two vault weapons. On top of this, players can look forward to Renewal and Orbital refreshes and much more.


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