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E3 2023 has officially been cancelled

Published: 02:03, 31 March 2023
E3 2023 was not meant to be
E3 2023 was not meant to be

None of us wanted to believe it but all of us knew it was coming. E3 2023 has been cancelled.

E3 has been in a tough position ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, resulting in the event's cancellation in 2020 altogether. 

In 2021, it came back as a virtual-only event and was planned to have the same appearance in 2022, which was cancelled as ESA wanted to reinvigorate the hype by announcing the return of the in-person event in 2023.

Unfortunately, that will not happen either as this one has officially been cancelled.

Granted, there is no announcement at the time of writing, but ESA sent a company-wide email that noted the event would not be happening, which was quickly followed by a statement ReedPop, who were meant to be the organisers.

While the fans hoped the worst wouldn't come to pass, pretty much everyone knew it would. After all, major players had been pulling out of the events for months on end, with only Konami seemingly going full tilt ahead as rumours of Metal Gear Solid 3 picked up the pace.

The company never "won" the event with the best announcements and some fans were jokingly noting that this would be their first but as it turns out, higher powers deemed it was not meant to be.


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