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New World leaderboards get another delay

Published: 03:53, 30 March 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - A greatsword against the sand wurm might as well be a dagger
New World - A greatsword against the sand wurm might as well be a dagger

Amazon Game Studios are having a bit of trouble with the upcoming updates for their MMO as yet another delay popped up.

New World seems to be having some development issues at the moment as Amazon Game Studios already had to delay the release of the Fellowship and Fire update which would bring along the battle pass , among other things.

Leaderboards were meant to release alongside this update so it wasn't exactly unexpected to see this feature delayed to March 30, 2023.

That date was not meant to be either, with the devs announcing a last-minute delay with the new tentative release date of March 31.

Technically, one day is not that much of a delay but the post has the same disclaimer the previous one had - the date is tentative and the release may be moved up even further.

Additionally, the disclaimer notes that the date may change but it will coincide with the Fellowship and FIre update since seasonal leaderboards wouldn't make much sense without an actual season from which the data would be tracked and displayed.

This episode is bringing along even more story content and a pile of other goodies so it is no surprise that unexpected delays are happening but it remains to be seen how much patience the players will have left for this particular update.


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