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Destiny 2 to nerf Stasis Hunters, Titans, Felwinter's Lie and more

Published: 20:19, 25 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie

Felwinter's Lie is finally getting nerfed in Destiny 2 and the process which led Bungie to this decision is pretty complex and quite interesting. Oh, and Stasis will be slightly less annoying soon.

Bungie recently decided to remove sunsetting but remain committed to changing Destiny 2 meta, which meant they had to act sooner rather than later when it comes to bringing outliers more in line with the rest of the weapons in the game. 

One of these outliers is Felwinter's Lie, the shotgun that is absolutely dominating the Crucible. Its range is way too long because of the unique frame that tightens the weapon's spread and the perfect combination of perks that can even be switched on the fly. 

The result is a monstrosity that one-shots people at such long distances that we are not left with a proper way to counter the weapon, except for grabbing it ourselves and just converting the match into a slide-one-shot-fest. Thankfully, Bungie is nerfing this particular shotgun, which should finally give more breathing room to the other weapon types.

Speaking of annoying things in PvP, Stasis Hunter and Titan subclasses are getting nerfed too. Revenant nerfs will include Witchering Blade damage and tracking, decreasing slow stacks that are applied to targets and removal of the Shatterdive damage reduction.

Meanwhile, Behemoths will have a harder time chasing you because light attacks will consume more Super energy while damage reduction will be lowered overall. On top of that, the AoE freeze on casting the Super will be removed and Shiver Strike will not propel you to the nearest planet, provided you are slowed at the time of casting.

Still, Stasis in general offers crowd control which is extremely beneficial in a fast-paced shooter like Destiny 2, even without the extra effects. It seems like Bungie saw this and they are also working on bringing Light subclasses more in line. In other words, they are getting buffed.

Destiny 2

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
Destiny 2

This could alarm some players as it could mean PvP will be dominated by abilities but Bungie noted they will also introduce new weapon perks and change the way some weapon archetypes work , in order to ensure guns will ultimately decide who wins a battle, not the abilities. 

If you like flying through PvE content thanks to Warmind Cells, you might want to look into other builds. They are getting nerfed too.

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