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Destiny 2 players will be able to craft Deep Stone Crypt weapons soon

Published: 02:26, 28 October 2022
Destiny 2 - Crafting something?
Destiny 2 - Crafting something?

Destiny 2 is increasing the number of weapons that can be crafted soon by adding a whole arsenal of raid-specific gear.

Crafting in Destiny 2 is a good way to move RNG out of the way if you are trying to get your favourite weapon with the perks you like but it's not always possible since you can craft only some of the shooters that exist in the game.

Deep Stone Crypt weapons are going to join this roster in Season 19, allowing players to craft the previously raid-exclusive items with perks of their choosing.

There is still the element of RNG that decides whether you get the red border drop, which will be somewhat mitigated by the mechanics Bungie put in place.

Each encounter in the raid can drop a Deepsight version of a weapon which is obviously relying on random luck too much so there will also be the option to purchase one per week at the final chest after defeating the last boss.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Reprised Menagerie weapons I still have no desire to use anything other than my Austringer

Additionally, you will be able to farm the raid unfettered during the weeks when DSC is featured as encounter drops will be uncapped, allowing you to run through them as many times as you please in the hunt for Deepsight weaponry.

To put a cherry on top, Bungie noted additional perks will be available on the crafted DSC weapons so you will have quite a few combinations to check out once you manage to farm up a craftable lead spitter.


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