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Destiny 2 patch fixes Quicksilver Storm, eases Legend and Master difficulty

Published: 02:36, 31 March 2023
Updated: 16:47, 31 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Quicksilver Storm
Destiny 2 - Quicksilver Storm

Bungie released an update for Destiny 2 that brought some much-awaited changes.

Quicksilver Storm is a weapon that caused a bit of a controversy in Destiny 2 since it was tied to preorder and the more expensive edition as a bonus but when the time came for Guardians to use it, they figured out it wasn't working as intended.

Bungie previously noted the fix is not as simple as it seems so it would take a bit to implement it.

Roughly one month after the release of Lightfall, the fix came and the Exotic auto rifle now has properly increased damage against enemies with red health bars. Touch of Malice was fixed in the same way.

One other grievance the players had with Lightfall is the difficulty of certain activities. Technically, they weren't that difficult but more along the lines of tedious because Bungie dropped one too many bullet sponges on us.

First, the scaling for adding a player or two to your fireteam for the Legendary Exotic mission will not cause enemies to have overwhelmingly high health pools anymore.

More importantly, Legend and Master tiers of Nightfalls, Battlegrounds, Lost Sectors, Offensives, Hunts and Campaign missions have all seen the enemies' health reduced.

This should result in more dynamic experiences overall instead of camping a single corner and plinking an enemy's health bar away with your primary ammo.


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