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Destiny 2 Guardian Games once again misses the mark

Published: 09:11, 03 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games 2023 Titan armour
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games 2023 Titan armour

Just one day into the latest Guardian Games and the "competition" already looks bleak for the Destiny 2 event.

Guardian Games are supposed to be the equivalent of the Olympics in Destiny 2 but any sort of fair play is a foreign term, at least to Bungie.

Unlike the Olympics, there is one competitor each year that has performance-enhancing code which basically takes all the fun out the supposed competition.

In essence, Bungie rigged the point gains each year. The first one was in the favour of Titans, the second one let the Hunters win through the sole virtue of being the equivalent of an ant infestation in Destiny 2 demographics and the third one saw the Warlocks pick up gold, despite being the least numerous class.

Now it seems like it's another turn for the Titans to lift the trophy. 

That said, it is unclear how much of an impact Bungie's meddling had this year. Yes, everyone expected them to let Titans' medals be worth more than those of the other classes this year but there is also the matter of the class-based PvP.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Titans are winning Guardian Games 2023 Destiny 2 - Titans get the steroids for Guardian Games 2023

Having six Titans wreaking havoc is generally a boon in 6v6 PvP, making it easier for this class to raise the banner than it is for Hunters and Warlocks. That doesn't change the people's sentiment much as the count is once again seen as rigged.

Unfortunately, people still seem to be blind to the progress manipulation and are trying to trash-talk each other as if they were participating in an actual competition.


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