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Midnight Suns for Switch cancelled but last gen gets release date

Published: 02:52, 03 May 2023
Updated: 08:53, 03 May 2023
Marvel's Midnight Suns - Wolverine's cynicism on full display. Or was it common sense? Hard to tell
Marvel's Midnight Suns - Wolverine's cynicism on full display. Or was it common sense? Hard to tell

Midnight Suns are still running into troubles but at least they will have some backup.

Marvel's Midnight Suns turned out to be a pretty awesome game that was held back by performance issues and even though most critics and players liked it, the game eventually ended up a commercial flop.

Whether it gets more DLC remains to be seen but Firaxis revealed the newest trailer for Storm , who is the fourth and last character from the Season Pass that is joining the roster on May 11, 2023.

With the trailer came other announcements as well - the release date for last-gen consoles and news of cancellation on Switch .

The cancellation announcement wasn't particularly highlighted as only a part of a single sentence was devoted to stating Nintendo fans will not be getting their hands on this game after all.

Considering the optimisation issues the game suffered already, it is not hard to imagine quite a few problems Midnight Suns would run into on Switch's fairly weak hardware.

2K Marvel's Midnight Suns - Deadpool Marvel's Midnight Suns - Deadpool was one of the DLC characters

As for PS4 and Xbox One, these consoles will get a digital release on May 11, the same day when Storm comes along.

Just like Deadpool, Venom and Morbius, she will have to be recruited through a dedicated quest that shares the vampire threat as the main enemy. That said, the devs did note that players will encounter a significant threat as a final boss, should they manage to complete all the DLC quests and recruit all four characters.

Purchasing a Legendary Edition or Season Pass will grant access to all four characters but if you don't want to commit, there is always the option of buying them separately.


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