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Destiny 2 to go free to play and switch to Steam under new name

Published: 15:04, 06 June 2019
A preview of a new weapon in Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion
Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion

Bungie's future plans for Destiny 2 are bound to make some ripples, if not shockwaves among the gaming community since they include a new name for the game, switch from to Steam, free to play conversion and removal of PS4 items.

Bungie are going to announce major news in a few hours from the time of writing. They will finally sever all ties with Activision in September 2019 when Shadowkeep expansion comes along as Destiny 2 will migrate from to Steam.

Those who already played the game on will be able to fully migrate their characters and all progression which is absolutely a good thing, especially since Destiny 2 fans took a kick in the teeth more than once in the past.

Better yet, Bungie are intent on bringing cross-saving, meaning the players will be able to progress Destiny 2 on any available platform and continue from that point on any other platform of their choice, without the need to purchase it all over again. However, just like with crossplay, Sony are the ones that are blocking cross-saving's progress. The feature will be available on all platforms except PlayStation 4.

Speaking of platforms, Destiny 2 used to be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The upcoming update will make Destiny 2 available on Google Stadia as well. This is good news for those without high-end rigs as they will be able to play the game on Google Chrome.

All players will have access to all content, including items, regardless of what platform they are on. This means PlayStation 4 exclusives will not be a thing anymore.

Activision picture showing two charachters from Destiny universe Destiny 2

Once Destiny 2 becomes available on Steam, it will go free to play on all platforms. The game will be renamed to Destiny 2: New Light and players will get access to all Year One content at no charge. Expansions will still need to be paid for though. The model resembles that of Guild Wars 2 where players get the core game for free and have to purchase expansions later on.

So if Bungie didn't officially announce all of this yet, where did the info come from? It appears that one website accidentally broke the imposed embargo, quickly removed the article but Reddit already and the news spread like wildfire.

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