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Destiny 2: GM Nightfalls starting soon, more Deepsight weapons and more

Published: 08:23, 30 September 2022
Destiny 2 - Spider's Lair in Tangled Shore
Destiny 2 - Spider's Lair in Tangled Shore

Bungie announced a bug fix that will put smiles on many faces and a few more things in the recent TWAB as Destiny 2 continues its pirate season.

Destiny 2 has had issues with Deepsight weapons for a while now. For some, it's the diluted pool and massive RNG influence that makes it extremely hard to gain enough red borders to get a craftable version and for others it's the seasonal challenge that ends up being a doozy.

For a portion of the player base, those woes should be behind them as Bungie finally managed to get rid of the bug that made the Hidden Compartment Crew upgrade not work properly.

It will now refresh correctly at the weekly reset, providing a reliable way to get Deepsight-modded weapons.

Grandmaster Nightfalls are coming back with the weekly reset on October 4, 2022, allowing the players to finish their Conqueror titles or gild it while attempting to find an Adept version of The Militia's Birthright and Mindbender's Ambition. 

Bungie Destiny 2 - Crucible selfie Destiny 2 - Crucible selfie before getting blown off by an Adept Mindbender's Ambition

The latter is particularly popular in PvP so if you are looking for a shotgun with powerful perk combinations and even more stats around, you might want to hunt for Mindbender's in GMs.

Meanwhile, the Stadia news from yesterday prompted Bungie to look for a way to make good for the Guardians on Google's doomed platform, which will likely come in the form of progression transfer to another platform. More will be announced soon.

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