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Destiny 2 is getting a new PvP mode named Breakthrough

Published: 16:26, 14 July 2018
Warlock flexing his auto rifle ahead of a Rumble match on the EDZ.
Destiny 2

Bungie have finally decided to add some new PvP content for the first time since Destiny 2's launch. The new game mode will be called Breakthrough and will be added on top of the previously announced PvPvE mode called Gambit with Forsaken.

Breakthrough will be basically capture the point kind of mode, but with extra steps. The two teams of four players will first race to capture a single point at the centre of the map, called the Breaker. The first team to capture it will go on the offensive and attempt to capture the other team's Vault, which is a fancy name for the second capture point.

The Breaker itself can't be re-captured, so once a team captures it, they're on the offensive for the rest of the round and the same goes for the team on the defence. Breakthrough will have several rounds, and each of them will have a timer. Naturally, the win condition for the attacking team is to capture the Vault before the timer runs out and the defenders win the round if it does indeed run out before the Vault is captured.

Technically, the core mechanics of Breakthrough sound rather similar to Control, which is just the regular Domination mode we've seen in other games before. The fact that Breaker can't be recaptured and therefore regulates the flow of the round is a nice spin that should offer a feeling of freshness to Destiny 2's PvP.

As I previously mentioned, another semi-PvP mode will make its way into Destiny 2 with Forsaken expansion. It's called Gambit and tasks each team to collect Motes from AI enemies they kill. These Motes need to be deposited into their banks, but once a team deposits 5, 10 or 15 Motes, the opposing team's bank will be temporarily disabled.

Bungie A preview of Tangled Shores Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion

That won't be the only way to sabotage the enemy's Mote collection though, as each time a team reaches 25 or 50 deposited motes, a portal will open and let a single player jump into other team's base in order to disrupt them. Depositing 75 Motes will summon a Primeval and once it's killed, the team wins.

Both modes sound like a lot of fun and have that feeling of fresh content but Bungie couldn't just let fun be fun. As you may know by now, Forsaken DLC will require players to have all other DLC already purchased, which may throw potential new players off as it still seems that Bungie has no intention of stopping its predatory practices.

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