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Destiny 2 fixes Iron Banner reputation, doubles point gains

Published: 09:45, 04 June 2022
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie has updated Destiny 2 to properly award Iron Banner progression and added compensation for those who suffered from the bugs.

Destiny 2 had a pretty hype launch for Season 17 with players being eager to test out Solar 3.0 and the new content that provides access to reprised Menagerie weapons. However, the new Iron Banner wasn't met with that much enthusiasm. Rift didn't prove to be popular in the beginning, which could be attributed to players acclimatising the new mode, and quests, as well as reputation, suffered from crippling bugs.

As of late hours of June 3, 2022, these issues seem to have been dealt with. Bungie announced a series of fixes, including the Iron Banner challenges now properly granting reputation bonuses, up to the maximum of four daily challenges. Since this issue affected players before the fix, everyone is being granted double Iron Banner reputation until the event ends on June 7, 2022, at weekly reset.

Additionally, Heavy as Death emblem will properly provide Iron Banner reputation bonus now.

Forging Iron, the quest with six steps, out of which the fifth was bugged when equipping Iron Banner ornaments, has been fixed. You can now properly use your ornaments to increase reputation gains without ruining progression.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Season of Dawn - Iron Banner Feel free to equip the Iron Banner ornaments once again


Somewhat unrelated to Iron Banner, the Deepsight Weapons have also been fixed. Previously, some of them wouldn't get progression from kills and you would have to complete activities in order to progress them but this has also been fixed.

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