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Destiny 2: Ember of Benevolence disabled for bug fixing

Published: 06:30, 27 May 2022
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie has disabled Ember of Benevolence from Solar 3.0 in order to make the fragment actually work.

Destiny 2 players have been experimenting with Solar builds since the release of Season 17 and many figured out Ember of Benevolence is a great fragment to have. Many also realised it doesn't actually work.

The fragment is supposed to improve class ability regeneration whenever you apply one of the new Solar buffs - Radiant, Restoration or Cure. Since many abilities can do this now, lowering the cooldown of the class ability should be fairly easy and would be of great help, especially for Warlocks who rely on their well.

This was not the case and Ember of Benevolence proved to be a problematic fragment so Bungie decided to disable it until at least June 7, 2022. That is the second weekly reset of the season, with the first one scheduled for May 31, 2022.

Disabling it for roughly two weeks should give the devs enough time to fix the issue but keep in mind the post specifically stated this is an ETA, not a confirmed date of return.

In any case, when the fragment comes back, it should be better and more useful than before. Until then, we would recommend running something that can Scorch enemies along with Ember of SIngeing.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Ember of Benevolence Destiny 2 - Ember of Benevolence

This way, you can still get the class ability back but the tradeoff is that your build will be more focused on damage and less on support.

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