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Destiny 2 buffs Strand in general and especially Hunters

Published: 01:41, 28 April 2023
Destiny 2: Stranded in Lightfall
Destiny 2: Stranded in Lightfall

Destiny 2 launched Strand in a precarious position for PvE but that should be mitigated with the next balance update.

Strand didn't dazzle too many PvE players when Bungie launched it in Destiny 2: Lightfall but one of the saving graces was a mix of certain armour mods that were probably not meant to work the way they did.

This caused better cooldowns but when the issue was fixed, Bungie took some flak from the community as that was one of the few actual working builds for the subclass.

With the upcoming balance patch, the powers of Strand should be brought a bit more in line with the rest.

When Season 21 hits, Grapple will have a reduced base cooldown as it will go from 105 to 82 seconds. Furthermore, the minimum time between Grapple activations will be reduced from 2.5 to 0.2 seconds, meaning you will be able to navigate the swings with more control. 

Those struggling with the final boss fight in the campaign will likely find this to be a major improvement.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Strand in action Destiny 2 - Strand in action

Other than the Super, Strand Hunters didn't find much good content with Strand in PvE, especially because their melee couldn't even pop rank and file enemies to get that Tangle. This should change as the powered melee damage is going up by 55 per cent against PvE enemies.

On top of that, the projectile travel range will be increased before it returns to the player and catching it should be easier when it does return. 

Catching the dart will refund more energy than before, depending on how many enemies it hit along the way. It will also pierce Phalanx shields, which should solve many headaches that existed before.


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