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GTA Online brings Weeny Issi Rally back for a week

Published: 01:28, 28 April 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Weeny Issi Rally
GTA Online - Weeny Issi Rally

GTA Online continues with FOMO attempts as it brings back a vehicle that will hardly cause anyone to recklessly spend money.

Rockstar Games are trying more and more often to goad GTA Online players into spending money by creating artificial scarcity and using FOMO and the return of the Weeny Issi Rally is the latest proof as the car will be purchasable only until May 3, 2023, when it gets vaulted again.

Discounts this week include:

  • 35 per cent off
    • Armoured Kuruma
  • 30 per cent off
    • Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage
  • 25 per cent off
    • Tulip M-100
    • Entity MT

If you are looking for a quick buck, the weekly bonuses are:

  • X2 GTA$ and RP
    • Acquire Targets
  • X1.5
    • The Last Dose missions
    • The Last Dose Hard Mode event

Featured vehicles for the week are:

  • Podium - Lynx
  • Prize Ride - Entity XF
    • Place top three in Street Races three days in a row to win it
  • Test rides  - Tulip M-100, Kanjo SJ and Peyote Gasser

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Luxury Autos showroom is featuring:

  • Entity XXR
  • Entity MT

Simeon's Showroom has:

  • Tulip M-100
  • Stafford
  • Armoured Kuruma
  • Coquette D10
  • Issi Rally

If you are wondering where the Prime Gaming bonuses went, they have been discarded since the end of March 2023 and there is no indication they will be back.


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