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Redfall global release times by region

Published: 01:39, 28 April 2023
Redfall's eclipsed sun is rising soon
Redfall's eclipsed sun is rising soon

Redfall is less than a week from release but if you want to know the exact time when you can get your hands on the vampire fiesta, we've got you covered.

Redfall is Arkane 's latest attempt to sweep the fans off their legs, following Deathloop 's failed venture with the same goal and the fact that you are here reading about the game's launch suggests you are a hopeful fan.

Whether they succeeded with the new game will be seen on May 2, 2023, when the official Redfall launch happens.

As for the actual schedule by time zone, you can check it out below, sorted from west to east, starting in the Americas.

Redfall release times by region

  • North America (May 1, 2023)
    • 5:00 PM PDT
    • 6:00 PM CST
    • 7:00 PM CDT
    • 8:00 PM EDT
  • South America (May 1, 2023)
    • 9:00 PM BRT
  • Europe (May 2, 2023)
    • 1:00 AM BST
    • 2:00 AM CEST
  • Asia and Oceania (May 2, 2023)
    • 3:00 AM AST
    • 5:30 AM IST
    • 8:00 AM KT
    • 9:00 AM JST
    • 10:00 AM AEST
    • 12:00 PM (noon) NZST

The launch is happening simultaneously worldwide and is not hard-baked into the actual calendar and time zones, meaning Japan and New Zealand will not get the game ahead of everyone else.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of the simultaneous launch is that Europe and some Asian countries will get the game at a very inopportune time so they will likely start a good few hours later than the rest of the world.


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