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Destiny 2: Astral Alignment to get a new difficulty next week

Published: 09:04, 16 October 2021
Destiny 2 - Ager's Scepter
Destiny 2 - Ager's Scepter

Bungie announced they are going to shake things up a bit with Destiny 2 after the next weekly reset and Astral Alignment should get a bit of a refresher.

Astral Alignment is getting a new difficulty in Destiny 2 in order to make the activity more appealing for both the players who seek a challenge and those who are after a ton of loot. The new difficulty will cause you to return to orbit, should the team wipe, and it will receive several modifiers.

First, there are the weekly Taken modifiers that will be rotating:

  • Denial - Vandals will summon shields more often
  • Epitaph - Taken will spawn blight geysers when defeated
  • Empath - Better radar but more damage taken from melee

Besides the rotating modifiers, there will be three that are present at all times:

  • Champions: Overload and Unstoppable
  • Equipment locked
  • Match game

These constant modifiers are some of the least fun in the game as Overload champions tend to teleport all over the place, often making players waste Special or even Heavy ammo. Then again, it might be fun to slap them with a sword a few times so they stop but be wary of potential melee attacks if Empath is active as well.

Equipment locked and match game are some of the most restrictive modifiers when they are coupled and combined with the things mentioned above, they might make for a fairly annoying experience.

To compensate, Bungie is adding extra chests with loot and they will have a higher chance to drop Ager's Scepter catalyst. 

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