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Dead Cells breaks new record after selling like hotcakes on Switch

Published: 13:57, 25 September 2019
Motion Twin
Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist with an ominous presence nearby
Dead Cells

Dead Cells has sold over 2.4 million copies to date and the number was reached in large part thanks to massive sales on Nintendo Switch, following the August 2019 release.

Two years after the initial release, MotionTwin's hit game Dead Cells continues to impress, with another sales milestone met on the wings of "incredibly well" performing sales on Nintendo Switch. The total number is now up to 2.4 million copies sold across all platforms. This means 400.000 copies were sold in about four months since Dead Cells passed the two million copies sold mark back in May 2019. 

Steve Filby, Twin Motion's head of business and marketing department for Dead Cells revealed these numbers in an

Considering that Switch's main appeal is having fun on the go with a portable platform, it is not hard to see why Dead Cells was such a great addition to Nintendo's handheld console. 

This appears to be Filby's sentiment as well as he stated that "Switch is insane, it's completely ridiculous. The game really lends itself to that portable, one-more-run [style] ".

With something that long-lasting and well-received, the next topic pretty much spelt itself out - how long will the support for Dead Cells go on? Filby stated there are two limitations to future Dead Cells support - profitability and artistic limit. The first one is self-explanatory as developers can't simply keep supporting a game that doesn't turn any profit.

Motion Twin Player is walking in a dungeon next to a giant skeleton Dead Cells

The artistic limit refers to the boundaries that the developers can reach with post-launch content and going over or pushing them would cause Dead Cells to lose identity. According to Filby, if either of these limits is reached with Dead Cells, the post-launch support will end.

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