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Dead Cells is still having issues on Xbox Game Pass

Published: 11:37, 17 February 2020
Motion Twin
Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist with an ominous presence nearby
Dead Cells

Motion Twin announced they are aware of issues when players tried to run Dead Cells through Xbox Game Pass on 14 February 2020 but it seems like the subsequently released update didn't do much in terms of fixing the crashes.

Dead Cells is a single-player game which makes is a bit ironic that the issues with Xbox Game Pass were acknowledged exactly on Valentine's Day. Motion Twin quickly responded on their official Twitter account, letting the players know that they were aware of the issues and would release an update to fix them soon.

Three days later, on 17 February 2020, it seems like the issues have no been resolved yet as Motion Twin noted that the update didn't work . Without having to scramble to wrap it up before ruining the weekend for themselves, it seems like the team is taking the slower but safer approach now.

In order to work out what is causing the crash on Xbox Game Pass, they are waiting to get the data from Microsoft. Therefore, the extra step will make the fix come out later rather than sooner. The developers also apologised to the players because the update is dragging out but reassured them once again that the team is hard at work.

While waiting for Motion Twin to fix the crashing issues, some fans professed their support while others started to ping both influential people at Microsoft and the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account itself.

Motion Twin Dead Cells: The Bad Seed screenshot Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

In the case of the latter, there was a certain interesting thought that could make the wait easier on the players - allowing them to roll an update back would allow for playing on an outdated but stable build of Dead Cells.

As it is, the players will have to settle for waiting on Motion Twin's fix following the release of The Bad Seed.

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