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Dead Cells to get two more years of post-launch content

Published: 09:58, 11 September 2019
Motion Twin
Player has just obliterated an enemy in Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Dead Cells is one of those indie games that exploded on Steam and eventually caused the creation of a new studio called Evil Empire that's solely focusing on the game's DLC content that they hinted could go on for another two years.

Dead Cells is sitting on 95 per cent positive reviews on Steam, out of ~27.600 users who had left a review by the time of writing. This is in part thanks to the fantastic roguelike metroidvania experience that the game delivers and in part due to the developers' fantastic post-launch support of a $24.99 / €24.99 / £21.99 title.

Now it seems like Evil Empire are planning to release even more content over the span of the next two years, as they mentioned in an interview with . According to the former Motion Twin developers, they would love to create even more content for Dead Cells but there is an artistic limit to what they can do without radically changing the core of the game.

Evil Empire are a few developers who were formerly with Motion Twin but separated their ways since they focused on providing more support for Dead Cells and building foundations for the next game while Motion Twin went on a "through the looking glass type adventure".

Therefore, the team that remains on Dead Cells support hinted at their possible future plans, stating there might be a Dead Cells 2 in the pipeline or even a co-op mode for the existing game.

Nothing is set in stone yet, however, and Dead Cells multiplayer could either never come out or become something special that could be PvP or something like Mario Kart type of thing.

Motion Twin Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon Dead Cells

Whatever turns out to be the case, it is well known that the developers already provided more post-launch support for Dead Cells than anyone could hope for. It had some not so famous moments, like the Baguette update, but the title remains as an example of what can be done with enough goodwill between players and developers.

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