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Dead Cells gets Freeman's crowbar in the latest update

Published: 16:04, 23 April 2020
Updated: 16:05, 23 April 2020
Motion Twin
Screenshot from Dead Cells showing the player fighting enemies on top of a tower
Dead Cells

Motion Twin released another free update for Dead Cells, bringing along new enemies, affixes and weapons. One of the weapons turned out to be Gordon Freeman's signature crowbar.

Dead Cells doesn't make as much of a physics statement as Half-Life games do but one of the new weapons is closely tied to Valve's series. The crowbar is a part of the 17.3 update, known as the Half-Life pack patch and it excels at breaking things since t gives a free critical hit on an enemy after doing so.

It is not the only weapon added with the update though. Portable Door is literally what the name says it is. Players can carry this door around with them and place it wherever they please in order to cover their back while taking care of the mobs in front. It also provides the ability to stun enemies when turning around.

There is also a total of six new enemies with three of them being biome specific while three will be added to various levels in different Boss Cells. Motion Twin didn't want to spoil it for the players and didn't reveal any more specifics.

Dead Cells also received 11 new affixes on active skills, which is obviously a lot so here is a quick rundown:

  • Ice, fire, bleed and poison applied on floors or enemies when the effect of the used skill ends
  • When deployable traps get destroyed, a grenade, volley of arrows or fire will spread
  • Using a skill gets all the arrows back
  • Oil and fire spread around when a deployable trap is destroyed
  • Enemies get pushed around after the effects of an ability end
  • Longer duration for Wings of the Crow, Smokebomb and more

Motion Twin Dead Cells: The Bad Seed screenshot Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

These are the highlights but there are more changes and fixes in the patch which you can check out on the official website.

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