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Dead Cells gets Legacy update

Published: 00:50, 25 December 2019
Motion Twin
Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon
Dead Cells

Dead Cells players can revisit the nostalgia-fueled previous versions of the game. Given Motion Twin's tireless work over the years, the players will have a lot to choose from, be it the glorious days or the infamous, bread-shaped ones.

Dead Cells has gone through numerous iterations over the years as the game changed shape and fundamentals, constantly evolving through thick and thin. There were updates that the players hailed as the second coming and there were ones that were not so popular. 

One of the worst incarnations of Dead Cells was the infamous Baguette update but Motion Twin mostly kept the players happy which resulted in 95 per cent of them leaving positive reviews on Steam.

The icing on the cake is that Motion Twin didn't really have to do all those updates over the years since this is a one time purchase kind of game, not one that fleeces players with offers of . Even the expansion content was added free of charge and the only additional purchase the players could buy was the soundtrack in order to further support the developers.

But not to digress further, the previous paragraphs already painted the picture of that Dead Cells' lifespan consisted of a pile of updates that even put the developers in a conundrum about the game's future - they have to stop at some point as to not warp Dead Cells into something unrecognisable. 

Motion Twin Player has just obliterated an enemy in Dead Cells Dead Cells

The Legacy update should prove to be an invaluable tool in that goal as it will allow players to load up Dead Cells in any major version ranging from the Early Access days to the most recent one. As per the , the goal was to provide all kinds of players with the opportunity to play the game in the version they liked the most.n

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