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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed release date announced

Published: 15:47, 30 January 2020
Motion Twin
Dead Cells: The Bad Seed screenshot
Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

Motion Twin released a trailer for Dead Cells' first paid DLC, The Bad Seed. They also revealed it is coming on 11 February 2020 along with the maps included and the reason why the developers opted to go with paid DLC this time around.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed will see players venturing into new areas, themed around forests and other green-ish environments. For example, Arboretum is the serene greenhouse where the players will encounter peaceful sentient mushrooms. While peaceful, they do seem to hold a grudge against the protagonist so you will have to dispose of them over and over again.

The Swamp is the second environment players will be wading through. It is inhabited by mutants that usually hang in the trees as well as certain blood transfusion enthusiasts and frogmen that use blowdarts as their weapon of choice.

Finally, there is the Heart of the Swamp where Beheaded will encounter a horde of insects who remained somewhat undescribed. Motion Twin's only hint is that those who watched Starship Troopers might know what to expect. We're looking forward to meeting Rico, Carmen and Carl!

According to the description on Steam, players can expect a boss that will be on par with The Concierge so those running through the early game will have some challenge after playing through the core game.

Finally, Motion Twin addressed the topic of why this DLC is paid when Dead Cells has had so many free content drops so far. As it turns out, the developers need to eat too and dishing out free DLC just wasn't cutting it.

Motion Twin Player is walking in a dungeon next to a giant skeleton As it turns out, there isn't much money in dishing out free DLC for over a year

There is also the new game in the pipeline which will undoubtedly be partially funded by The Bad Seed's sales.

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